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With E-Mail outreach that lets you stand out from the competition.

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Fill up your pipeline with booked sales calls

If you ever wondered how easy it can be to fill your pipeline with additional sales meetings, there you go.

Understanding your ideal customer

With our proven ICP-Capture-Process we will fully understand which businesses you are looking for.

Setting up our End-To-End Lead Nurturing Process

We will make sure to follow up on any business opportunity and let nothing slip through the cracks for you.

Booking qualified sales meetings for you month over month

Sales meetings are coming in on autopilot, you just have to take the calls and convert the leads into clients.

About Us

Not your regular Lead Gen Agency

We are your partner, using the newest technologies

Your trusted lead gen partner for online and offline businesses. No more bloated agencies, flaking freelancers, or overpriced retainers.

We'll find the clients you've been looking for, guaranteed.

Make your project a success - Just like Conor

Let's take a look behind the curtains

Conor started his journey with us back in July and since then never had to worry about lead generation for his business. What made him such a great client and partner? He straight-up followed every recommendation from us to make the process as smooth as possible. He is giving us feedback on every single call he has with our leads in order to tailor the booked sales calls more and more to his ICP.

Listen what Conor has to say about our collaboration:

Why we are leading the competition

Your advantages working with us

We scaled it down to a few points but honestly, there is too much. So we focussed on the main advantages!

Save Time

Focus on making clients happy while we got you covered on the outreach side of things!

Grow in your own pace

Thanks to our sophisticated systems we are able to get you sales calls on request.

Pay per call

No horrendous monthly retainers. You only pay for the sales calls booked.

Lean back and sell

What our clients have to do? Sit in front of their computer and take the sales calls that come in.


You are in good

Get a sneak peak on who trusts in our services.